Portable, high speed, low latency wireless internet for rural areas across the US

No contract. No data cap. No hidden fees.

$14999 per month

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4.6/5 Google rating | Join over 36,236 happy customers

4.6/5 Google rating

Join over 36,326 happy customers

Lightning fast 4G LTE internet

With speeds of up to 50mb/s in most locations, you can do video calls, online gaming, streaming in 4k, and other “data hungry” activities that weren’t possible before in rural areas with only cable internet.

  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • Up to 50 mb/s download speed
  • Low latency - great for online games & video calls

Buttery smooth HD video calls

Sounding like a robot? Internet too slow to turn on camera? Constant disconnects from calls?

Forget about these issues. Unlimited Wireless Internet gives you the speed and latency needed for uninterrupted HD video calls.

Enjoy HD quality calls on:

& any other video calling platform

Transparent pricing

Relax and enjoy the internet with unlimited data available. Payment is based on a simple, transparent monthly subscription instead of the typical 2-year contract that locks you in.

  • Unlimited data. No throttling.
  • No contract. Cancel anytime.
  • Simple monthly subscription
  • No hidden extra fees
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Quick & easy to set up

No need to wait days or even weeks for an expert technician to set up the modem for you. It’s so easy that you can do it yourself. And in case you need any assistance, our team is here for you 24/7.

  • Modem comes pre-configured
  • Plug-n-play DIY setup
  • 24/7 US based support
Call now: 855-208-6838

Powered by a compact router

A 4G LTE + WiFi router is the brains of your new internet service. It connects to the nearest cell tower and works like magic.

Forget about bulky satellite dishes or ruining your home with wires.

  • Works like a Wi-Fi router
  • Strong signal even in multi-storey homes
  • No bulky satellite dish. No internet cables needed.
  • You own the router (no lease fees)
Call now: 855-208-6838

Available in the entire US

Our wireless internet allows you to take the fun with you wherever you go. Perfect for camps, road trips, or remote areas with no cable internet.

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Ideal for remote or rural areas
  • All you need is a power outlet
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Wireless VS typical rural internet

Typical rural area internetUnlimited Wireless Internet
SpeedUnder 5mb/sUp to 50mb/s (10x faster)
Max 720p-1080p4K
AvailabilityOnly at homeTake it anywhere
Data limitYesNo
ContractMin. 2 yearMonthly subscription
SetupVery complexPlug-n-play
Time to startUp to 2 weeksA few days for shipping
RouterLow power & weak signalHigh powered modem for optimum signal

Here's what people say

4.6 / 5 Google Rating

Join over 36,236 happy customers

Call now: 855-208-6838

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Unlimited Wireless Internet Service

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Only $14999 / mo

  • 4G LTE connectivity (up to 50mb/s)
  • HD video calls, 4k streaming, low latency gaming
  • Truly unlimited data. No throttling.
  • Nationwide coverage
  • NO contract. Simple monthly subscription
  • NO hidden fees
  • Cancel anytime
  • ZERO setup fee
  • ZERO paperwork
  • 14 day risk-free trial


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The “Best internet of my life” guarantee

We are certain you will love your new internet so we can make a bold claim:

Try our internet for 14 days. We're sure you'll love it, but in the very unlikely case you don’t, then you can return the modem (shipping is on us) and you will get 100% of your money back.

You don’t risk a single cent.

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